Mt Bromo N was engineered from a clean slate to deliver the mountain biking experience we dream of; trail bike agility with enduroesque composure, where climbs transform into fun and your descents triple.

Our product: Bike type: All Mountain e-Bike


Shimano STEPS e-MTB drive systems provide 4 power modes; Eco, Trail, Boost and Walk-Assist. Shimano’s E-TUBE PROJECT app lets you customise the assistance of each mode to your personal preferences.

The fully integrated BT-E8035 504Wh battery clicks seamlessly in the downtube. It’s far lighter than larger batteries for improved agility while packing enough fast-charging capacity for big adventures.

Where this bike’s going, you need tough tyres. Schwalbe’s 29x2.6” Magic Mary tubeless easy tyres in grippy ADDIX SOFT compound and bombproof SUPER GRAVITY casing are ready to rip into any trail.

The perfect pairing with Shimano STEPS drive systems, Mt Bromo N’s Shimano 1x12 HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrains deliver smooth and consistent shifts, even under load, over the wide 510% gear range.



Unbeatable performance when the trails get gnarly; 29” wheels deliver inherently optimal roll over and a long contact patch for all the braking, cornering, and climbing traction you desire, while 2.6” wide Schwalbe Super Gravity tires strike the balance of cushion and precision.


Polygon’s all-new 6-bar IFS linkage provides 160mm of optimised wheel path to swallow square-edge hits and remain active under braking, while the independent shock leverage allows unrivalled sensitivity with progressive support for composure in the rowdiest of rock gardens.


Mt Bromo N features a slack 64.5° head angle with long reach and low bottom bracket. Combined with the 29” wheels and short offset fork for a long trail, the stability and high-speed composure is confidence inspiring.



The IFS platform’s separation of wheel path from shock leverage allows unbelievably efficient power transfer without sacrificing small bump compliance. Put your power down and Shimano STEPS delivers a mountain more, direct to the ground on even the chunkiest trails.


Strength and durability have not been skimped; instead, Mt Bromo N utilises Shimano’s lightweight 504 Wh integrated battery to keep the front end light and the bike, as a whole, more balanced and playful.


Rip around corners, manual off technical drops and place your wheels with precision; agility is achieved by one of the shortest rear centre lengths in category, possible thanks to the IFS vertical wheel path and elevated chainstay design. Despite the 435mm rear centre, you’ll confidently conquer the steepest climbs thanks to the steep 77° seat angle and low, forward centre of gravity.

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Mt Bromo N9

MtBromo N8

Color: Black with Holographic Silver
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Mt Bromo N7

MtBromo N7

Color: Black with Red Orange
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Build Specification

KitMtBromo N8MtBromo N7
Rear ShockFox Float X2 VVC 2-Position AdjustFox Float DPS EVOL 3-Position Adjust
ForkFox 38 Performance FIT GRIP 160mmSR Suntour Durolux36 RC-PCS 160mm
GroupsetShimano XTShimano Deore
Drive UnitShimano EP8 85Nm 504Wh batteryShimano E7000 60Nm 504Wh battery​
TireSchwalbe Magic Mary 29x2.6 EVO Super Gravity ADDIX SoftSchwalbe Magic Mary 29x2.6 EVO Super Gravity ADDIX Soft
Weight24.5 Kg (Size M)​24.8 Kg (Size M)


The frame has clearance for a 27.5x2.8" tire so a mullet (29” front, 27.5+ rear) is possible. However, the diameter of a 27.5x2.8" tire is significantly smaller than the standard 29x2.6" tire, hence changing to a mullet set up would reduce BB height and pedal to ground clearance while also slackening both the effective seat and head tube angles.

The fork will also fit a 27.5+ tire, however, this is highly discouraged as the BB drop would become dangerously low.

We recommend staying ready for business with 29" all-round.

Most 205mm x 65mm Trunnion Mount shocks should fit. The leverage curve can work well with a coil shock. However, it’s worth noting that Polygon have Fox tune the stock rear shocks to work best with the specific bike model, so a standard tune replacement shock may not offer optimised performance.

You’ll need to use an e-MTB rated fork to ensure it is strong enough to withstand the additional forces and punishment that can be encountered by e-MTBs. The standard forks are 160mm travel, but you can run up to 170mm travel if you like. You cannot use a dual crown fork as the frame is not designed or tested to withstand the different loads.

For sure. In fact, both N7 and N8 models come equipped with an e*thirteen E*Spec Plus top guide. The chain guide mounts directly to the drive unit and the bolt pattern is different to traditional ISCG/05, so most ‘normal’ chain guides are not compatible.

You can run up to 220mm rotors front and rear. While you can downsize from the standard 203mm to 180mm, we suggest not to.

Insert a 4mm Allen key into the hole above the battery cover on the underside of the downtube. Rotate it in the direction depicted by the arrow to release the battery lock. This will allow the battery to hang slightly down from the tube, creating access to the battery release lever at the top of the battery. Be sure to use two hands when releasing the battery as it’s quite heavy and shouldn’t be dropped.

Ensure the battery connections are clean and dry. Install the base of the battery into the lower mount closest to the motor, then press the top of the battery into the downtube until you hear and feel a “click”. Then your battery is installed.

The battery can be charged either installed in the bike, via the charging port on the left side in front of the motor, or detached from the bike using the additional connection port supplied with the charger.

Yes. The SHIMANO STEPS systems are waterproof for use under normal riding conditions, including heavy rain. Please do not use a high pressure washer to clean your bike.

When gravity is on your side, there is no limiting your speed beyond that of a “normal” MTB with 160mm of awesome suspension. As far as motor assistance is concerned, the Shimano STEPS systems will provide motor assistance up to 20mph (32km/h) in the USA and Indonesia, or 25km/h in Europe and Australia.

The range of any e-MTB depends on many variables, including terrain, gradients, rider weight, assistance mode, rider input, ambient temperature, etc. While 100km adventures are definitely achievable aboard the Mt Bromo N, we recommend using the Range overview on the display for the best estimate. The range overview is recalculated continuously by calculating speed, rider behavior and power consumption. This means that range overview makes a prediction, which can vary depending on these different factors.

No, Mt Bromo N was designed around Shimano’s BT-E8035 504Wh battery as it helps Bromo hit the sweet spot of lighter weight for agility, attainable price points while still offering enough capacity for very big rides. The larger 630Wh battery is too long to fit in the frame.

Yes. A BT-E8035 504Wh battery can be purchased through your Polygon retailer or most good bike shops. The bolt on battery cover (Article Code #733723) will need to be purchased through Polygon or a Polygon retailer.

Yes. Shimano approved front lights can be connected to ports in the STEPS drive unit (motor). This requires significant internal routing and e-system component removal so we recommend having this upgrade made by a certified Shimano STEPS workshop.

W013 is likely the most common error for first time STEPS users. Officially, W013 means Initialization of torque sensor not completed successfully. Don’t fret. It typically occurs when the system is turned on while a load is applied to the crankset. Try turning the system off, ensuring your foot is not on a pedal and the cranks or pedals are not leaning on the ground or against a wall; then turn the system back on again. This should solve the issue.

If you still see the issue try a 'hard reset' - press the power button for 12 seconds and power on once again.

If W013 or any other error code persists, contact your place of purchase or a certified Shimano STEPS workshop.

While Shimano’s HYPERGLIDE+ 1x12 drivetrains offer very smooth shifting even under the load of EP8’s 85Nm, we recommend only shifting one gear at a time (up or down the cassette) and try to back off the power through the cranks a little as the integrated torque sensor will immediately react and also back off the motor’s power. Trail mode is much more intuitive with this than Boost mode. We recommend saving Boost mode for cranking straight up big climbs where gear shifting is limited.