Mick was feeling good on the bike and he was looking fast. Unfortunately he had a big crash that knocked him quite hard and after a visit at the hospital, found he broke a finger. But, that good news is, that was small break so Mick will be ready to race Fort William.

Tracey was showing great speed all week and after a good performance at Maribor, she felt confident. Her qualification run went well as she qualified 2nd! Being the first World Cup of the year, tension was high but Tracey kept calm and positive. At about mid track, she had a mechanical which lead to a big crash, she still went back on her bike and finished as fast as she could.

You win some, you lose some. This is racing, it is part of the game and this is why professional downhill racing is so exiting and rewarding when things come together.

At the end, all of our riders had minor injuries that won’t affect the rest of the season and we are very glad for that.

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