“Taking Newton’s 3rd law quite literally, NAILD and Polygon Bikes created a bike that reacts effortlessly and instantly to the terrain beneath it while also harnessing that energy into the opposite reaction by returning the wheel back to the ground as quickly as it left. This bike relies on kinematics to get the wheel out of the way but also allows the wheel to follow the backside of obstacles, accelerating the rider down the trail. The philosophy has been proven as test riders all noted the smooth and supple feel was unlike anything they’d ever experienced before. Some riders expressed the climbing sensation to that of being on an escalator. The harder they pressed into the pedals the more they were met with smooth acceleration. It confused XC racers and enduro riders equally as the efficiency felt similar to a firm short travel bike yet the sensitivity and traction were on par with something coil sprung. Once the riders pointed the bikes downhill their eyes were wide and their smiles wider. Traction, suppleness, and confidence were quoted as being on par with a DH-bike and confusing as to how the same bike just dropped a legitimate downhill section after being pedaled up with ease”

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