MOUNTAIN BIKING AUSTRALIA – 25 MAY 2018 Originally we picked one up to serve as a pseudo city bike, one that could be ridden to the shops easily to grab basic groceries and the like… but it actually felt like the bike was underutilised with a rack and mudguards on it.

The Apex gearing is fast enough for decent speed on the road, but we’re going to bump the rear up to an 11-46, and upgrade the front to a 40t, just for a bit more top end. The G-Ones should be considered a light-duty off road tyre; it doesn’t take much dust on the top of a gravel road for them to become skatey, but dropping a little pressure helps here. On road, though, they sizzle. Tyre spec is something that will play to your advantage here – if you do mostly gravel, changing to a bigger bagged tyre will pay dividends in comfort and grip, but the stockers are a great all-rounder.

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