Whether it's climbing and going down steep trails or jumping high at bike parks. Enjoy your riding and discover yourself.


No hands, more tricks. With our robust and specific geometry-designed dirt jumper and BMX bikes, you'll go from ground to air and back again smoothly and safely.


Chasing for speed and against the wind, or fun Sunday club ride with friends around town; all you need is here.


Whether it's a fun tour with friends on gravel roads, or just keep riding into the unknown. Unlock yourself, it all starts here.


Bikes have given us a lot. It helps us to live a life that we can be happy with and proud of; so we want to share that and bring a healthy and joyful day-to-day routine.


These years, we have come further to build a smart living. We bring you our E-bikes, to take you to discover more trails, more loops, and discover future.


What's more lovely than the childhood memories? Ouch! Perhaps the one that crosses your mind right now is that first scar that you got while riding on a bike! But hey, it was also a lovely family time, the first taste of courage to learn how to get back on after falling off, and go on adventure with new friends. So, go get bikes for your kids, and see those beautiful things also happen to them.

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About Bike
Frequently asked questions about polygon bikes
  • How do I determine the size that suits me?
    To find out the right Polygon bike size, you can match your height using the Bike Size Guide. In addition, you can also take into account the geometry of each bike that you will choose.
  • What is the maximum load weight on a Polygon bike?
    In general our bikes can hold up to 110kgs/243lbs. Further details can be found in our general manual. Please note: Kids bikes are designed with a combined weight limit of 50kgs / 110lbs.
  • When buying a bicycle, will I receive other accessories?
    Generally, at the time of purchase, you will receive a bicycle according to the photo shown on the Polygon website. You will also receive a manual book and a small box. Some Polygon bikes are also equipped with pedals and reflectors. If there are additional accessories provided at the time of purchase, such as a water bottle or helmet, this is part of the promotion of the authorized dealer where you made the purchase and may vary from dealer to dealer.
  • Can I buy direct from the factory?
    Sorry, we do not serve sales from the factory directly. If you want to get our bikes, you can visit our authorized dealer. Find out the location of an authorized dealer by using the Dealer Locator feature.
  • Can I get spare parts from Polygon Bikes?
    Yes! We have many spare parts. Please contact your local Polygon Bikes dealer or national distributor if your dealer is unable to help.
  • Does Polygon sell frame-sets?
    We have a limited selection of frame-sets for sale. Please contact your local Polygon Bike Dealer for pricing and availability.
  • Does Polygon accept requests to replace my bicycle decal?
    Sorry, we don't have replacement decals for your Polygon bike.
Frequently asked questions about polygon bikes
Frequently asked questions about polygon bikes
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