Whether it's climbing and going down steep trails or jumping high at bike parks. Enjoy your riding and discover yourself.


No hands, more tricks. With our robust and specific geometry-designed dirt jumper and BMX bikes, you'll go from ground to air and back again smoothly and safely.


Chasing for speed and against the wind, or fun Sunday club ride with friends around town; all you need is here.


Whether it's a fun tour with friends on gravel roads, or just keep riding into the unknown. Unlock yourself, it all starts here.


Bikes have given us a lot. It helps us to live a life that we can be happy with and proud of; so we want to share that and bring a healthy and joyful day-to-day routine.


These years, we have come further to build a smart living. We bring you our E-bikes, to take you to discover more trails, more loops, and discover future.


What's more lovely than the childhood memories? Ouch! Perhaps the one that crosses your mind right now is that first scar that you got while riding on a bike! But hey, it was also a lovely family time, the first taste of courage to learn how to get back on after falling off, and go on adventure with new friends. So, go get bikes for your kids, and see those beautiful things also happen to them.



For every category of bike, Polygon studies the target rider and creates technology that offers the best performance and value as possible. Because of our continuous improvement in technology, it enables us to be at the leading edge of current trends. This proves that we understand what modern cyclists need and desire. It is also a symbol of our dedication to keep the trust we have taken over 25 years to earn.

Our newest platform to make the suspension as independent as possible. It separates the rear wheel movement and the suspension behavior, to get a highly sensitive ride whether through small bumps or any technical terrains without sacrificing the suspension progressiveness.

With the advancements in Carbon Fibre, Polygon has been able to take our bicycles to the next level. ACX is Polygon’s lightest, stiffest and strongest frame building material. A scientific blend of Toray™ T700 and High Modulus M Series carbon; we are able to maximize strength and stiffness at high stress areas. ACX constructed frames have the weight savings that the riders are looking for without a decrease in durability.

Aluminum has been the go to material for bicycles since the late 90’s. Polygon uses an aluminum blend that is lighter and more durable than our competitors. Starting with 6061 triple butted tubing and heat treated for strength and durability, ALX frames are built to last the test of time.

When it comes building bicycles, compromise is not in our vocabulary. Our AL6 tubing goes through a strict quality control process long before we start the frame building process. The quality control process does not stop there once a frame is constructed, impact testing ensures that we have built the best product possible.

FeroTech frames are produced with straight gauge steel tubes that have high tensile strength. FeroTech frames are tough and reliable and are made to perform.

Bikes built with FeroTech-CrMo are solid, durable and light. A blend of chromium and molybdenum makes these straight gauge steel tubes the best material for speed and stability.

Frames and forks displaying the UCI label have been inspected, tested and approved for use in UCI sanctioned events. The UCI label assures that the original purchaser and future owners that all technical parameters of the frame and fork are in accordance with current UCI regulations and standards.

Frames have evolved with the advancement of building materials and components. With these advancements, riders are having more confident riding, steeper, and more technical trails. FWG frame geometry has been adjusted to be more suitable to a more aggressive riding style, top tubes have become longer and seat tubes have become shorter.

Adjustable geometry is something that trickled down from our race teams. Having the ability to make small changes to the bike’s geometry can make a huge difference when chasing the clock. Polygon achieves ADG with the use of a flip chip system that will allow riders to make the small changes necessary to perform at a higher level.

Polygon’s FS platform was created for riders looking to push their abilities and limits to the next level. The FS platform remains active when under pedal or braking forces, eliminating pedal bob and brake jack. Eliminating these forces means that the suspension remains active in every situation. The FS is the ideal suspension platform for the rider who is looking to spend hours in the saddle to earn the ultimate alpine descent.

Polygon has taken the Faux Bar suspension platform and optimized it for our bikes. The FAUX.S bikes are built with a longer stroke shock that allows the rear wheel to track better when the trail gets rough. Polymer bushings and shorter linkage reduces the maintenance required to keep your bike on the trail.

R-PRO bikes are designed and produced for the every day rider who is addicted to speed. These bikes are built to the highest specifications and are tested in the harshest conditions. R-PRO bikes are constructed with cutting edge materials to be lightweight, strong and stiff. Made with the podium in mind but perfect for the rider who expects more.

The modern trail bike is a jack of all trades. T-PRO bikes will make any rider feel like a pro by making the climbs easier and the descents smoother. Everything from geometry to frame material to components were taken into consideration with the T-PRO bikes. Adventure? Excitement? the T-PRO bikes are ready, willing and able.

2HRU allows riders to switch from a thru-axle to a quick release with out major frame changes. With hub standards and frame standards constantly changing; 2HRU makes it possible to use your favorite wheel-set with your favorite Polygon.

R3ACT is a suspension invited by NAILD that brings new levels of comfort, control and efficiency. The system combines travel from above and below the frame, geometry and tire contact remain constant throughout resulting in improved handling, braking and control while reducing fatigue.

Polygon wheel fit size system presents a lineup which each frame size is offered with wheel size that perfectly fits the rider for better efficiency and optimum riding experience. 27.5” wheels are paired with Small to Large size bikes and 29 “ wheels are paired with Medium to X-Large size bikes. This sizing system is offered to riders to determine the most compatible bike that suits to their body proposition and riding.

Eternal Coat Tech provides more durable and more resistant color finish. Our newest painting technology gives more protection to chipping, scratching, facing and wearing than other finishes.

A tapered head tube consists of a large 1.5” base that tapers up to an 1-1/8”. A tapered head tube allows for a better weld between the head tube, the top tube and the down tube; this makes the frame stiffer and more durable. A tapered head tube also increases the interface between the frame and the steer tube.

Press fit bottom brackets allow bike designers to increase the width of the bottom bracket without increasing the bike’s chain line. A wider bottom bracket shell improves stiffness and allows for a larger bottom bracket bearing.

Hydroforming is another way to shape aluminum into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. Hydraulic pumps inject fluid at very high pressure inside aluminum tubes until they take the shape of the mold they are placed in. With hydroforming process, Polygon can build a stronger and more lightweight frame.

A one piece linkage increases stiffness and decreases weight. Being efficient and effective is what one-piece linkage is all about.

Internal cable routing creates a clean looking bike by routing all cables and wires inside the frame.

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