“The XQUARONE DH has impressive pedaling characteristics without affecting the suspension performance. XQUARONE DH relies on an air shock with very little damping. While unorthodox, Darrell said the ultimate goal is to reduce pressure build up while getting the rear wheel up and over obstacles and down the other side faster, all while keeping the wheel in contact with the ground for better traction. With less energy going into the damper per bump, it doesn’t affect the suspension as much as you progress down the track, giving you more consistent performance all the way to the bottom. One of the most interesting frame additions to increase stiffness comes at the rear axle. The frame makes use of SuperBoost 157mm spacing (same as DH 157mm spacing, but with wider flange spacing for stronger wheels), but additional stiffness is granted through the use of a Torque Cap only on the non-drive side. The 34mm wide cap is meant to increase the surface contact of the hub to the swingarm for increased stiffness out of the 12mm rear thru axle. And while many companies are exploring wagon wheels for DH racing, Polygon wanted to stick with 27.5″. While part of the overall goal was to get their pro athletes down the hill faster, at the end of the day this bike is meant to allow the average rider to have more fun on their bike. Whether that’s clearing a trail they didn’t think possible, or just being able to blast more laps in the bike park, 27.5″ wheels seemed like the answer to “make a bike for the common rider that can still lay down Top 10 times.”

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