For 2017 we want to keep the same direction as last year by supporting again the fastest world cup privateer so we are very happy to welcome Scottish, 24-year-old Kenta Gallagher to the Polygon UR family.

His name or the fact that he was the fastest world cup privateer are not his only singularity as back in 2013 Kenta has already won a World Cup in XC Eliminator race in Nove Mesto.

After some good results in the world of professional XC, Kenta followed his heart and made the switch to downhill racing in 2015. So yes it’s only been 2 years that Kenta has been racing world cup DH and he has already achieved 2 top 20 and a 39th at the world cup overall.

Kenta’s focus will be on the UCI world cup DH but he will also be doing half of the EWS circuit, as you will see in his video below he is comfortable on any kind of bike.

Kenta Gallagher – New Polygon UR rider:

” I’m so happy to have an opportunity on a team like this so early into my downhill career. I had planned 3 years maximum to get on a team so for it to come after the second season I’m so happy! Mainly the backing and support at races that I think will push me forward and the chance to ride with everyone in a team environment should be great! Roll on 2017! Well excited! ”

Fabien Cousiné – Team owner / Rider:

” Last year hiring the fastest privateer rider of the circuit was a really good decision because with Alexandre Fayolle we’ve got some amazing results with even a world cup podium and I have a similar feeling for Kenta!

As a former privateer world cup racer I remember the struggle, so what Kenta has done in just 2 years is to me something really special.

For Kenta to step back from a professional XC career with a stable life to having to work part time in a cafe to go race DH as a privateer is to me one the highest sign of passion and dedication for the sports that I have ever seen.

So that is a real pleasure to support him and I’m very confident that Kenta will fit perfectly in the ” Dream Ride Share ” team spirit with his positive, laid back and hard working attitude. “



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