Last Sunday Tracey Hannah said goodbye to UCI DH World Cup racing. We followed her closely on this special week to give you a real insight into her last race and show more her personality and spirit.

If you thought Tracey would go out quietly, you don’t know the girl! She sent it hard aiming for the win, taking all the risks and, as you’ve seen, sometimes crashing. In the end, she crossed the finish line like the champion she is, leaving nothing behind!
We gave Tracey a souvenir from this last race, a pink helmet signed by nearly all the riders in Lousa and some close staff. While signing they all gave a few words to our legend, you can find them all at the end of the video and find out who had a crush on Tracey when they were younger.
As we speak Tracey is working on her 2021 event program and one thing is sure she is still going to send it.

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