A dusty week back on the world cup circuit has just ended! We were in Vallnord, Andorra for the 4th round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.
All riders were facing some tough conditions this week, the track was really dry and so the visibility during practice wasn’t the best. The track was also so blown out!

Simon was feeling good this week but didn’t t put it together for his quali run and missed the race by one position.

Mick was feeling good but had a big crash before quali. He had another huge one during his quali run.

Vallnord is a track Alex loves and proved in the past he can do well with a 5th place in 2016. Alex was really looking forward to this one and had been training hard. He was looking good in practice trying new lines. His quali run went well and on some sectors of the track he was even faster than Loic Bruni! A mechanical slowed him down but he still finished 35th. He sent it during his race run but had a crash and hurt his hand. Alex is off to France to see a doctor as we believe his hand is broken.

Tracey was starting the week with the number 1 and a good lead into the overall ranking. Her qualifying run was pretty wild has she was pushing the limit but maybe a little too much with 3 crashes. Good thing is she was the fastest at the first 3 splits.

She knew she had to keep it together during her race run while also pushing hard. When she came down, she was leading with a big margin until she crashed in one of the last corners. She went back on the bike and still finished 3rd! Nowadays the only way to win races is to push the limits, this week Tracey found the limits a little bit before the finish line but we are proud on the way she rode and proud that she keeps the overall ranking leader jersey.

Now it’s time to pack as we are off the Les Gets for another round of the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup!

Thanks a lot to everybody!

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