An EWS team? A dream. A dream we’ve been working on for a while here at Polygon. Surely, there are a million ways to make a dream EWS team and we think we nailed it. Searching for a balance of skill, style and speed across all three riders was no easy feat, but you better believe we did it!

Team Rider Dan Wolfe helped spearhead the curating of our stacked EWS team, including rallying Matt Stuttard and Brady Stone to join him in this year's endeavors. Over the last three years, Dan has been involved in the development and testing of Polygon bikes and this season we’re bringing them to life.

Are you reading between the lines yet? If not, we’ll shout it loud and clear. NEW POLYGON ENDURO BIKE! Together, the crew has been working directly with the Polygon factory to craft the perfect EWS race bike. That secret's coming out soon, but for now, let’s focus on this epic team of absolute trail slayers.

Formally, here to introduce you to Dan Wolfe, Matt Stuttard and Brady Stone – the official Polygon Factory Team! All of their endeavors will be documented on the freshest of fresh social media accounts Polygon Factory Racing

Dan Wolfe – Ireland

Dan, the ‘Big Bad Wolfe’, is the Team Manager of Polygon Factory Race Team. Rooted in all things bike from a young age, Dan’s dedication and passion for the sport set him up to win the Irish National titles across all age categories, followed by representing Ireland at various World Champs. An injury in 2011 forced Dan to have a break from racing on the World Cup DH circuit and switch gears. Dan has been instrumental in the development of Polygon products over the last three years and most recently has helped curate this incredible team. We welcome his dedication, passion and charisma to the Polygon Factory Racing EWS team.

What does biking mean to you? It means exploration with a touch of escapism. With so many different genres of cycling, there is always something to quench your appetite.

Matt Stuttard – United Kingdom

Matt has been racing competitively for the past 11 years. He is the British expert downhill champion, 2x British Enduro Champion, won an EWS stage in Colorado and placed 8th at EWS Zermatt. Currently ranked top 15 in his last full season. Matt divides his time between the UK and France, where he gets to spend quality time in the mountains. His focus, discipline and humble approach are inspiring – we’re thrilled to have him on our first ever EWS team!

What does biking mean to you? Biking clears my mind when stressed, it’s a great community and I’m lucky enough to be able to do it every day and call it my job.

Brady Stone – New Zealand

Young gun, 21-year-old Brady is based in the stunning South Island of New Zealand. He has been racing for the past 6 years and making a quick name for himself by placing 2nd overall in the 2019 EWS U21, ToN World Champ, 1st overall (global ranking) in the 2020 EWS U21, and 30th overall in the 2021 EWS Men. A bike mechanic by trade, Brady has been working hard to compete in the Enduro World Series and it is undoubtedly working. He is super-excited to join fellow team-riders Dan Wolfe and Matt Stuttard to complete our Polygon dream team!

What does biking mean to you? It’s a way of getting creative, I love riding down a trail and trying to pop for gaps and hit high lines. It’s the best feeling!

We are thrilled to launch a new frame, a new team and drop in hot to this year's 2022 EWS. Keep tabs on us on Instagram so you don’t miss a beat – or a bike drop…


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