By: Zach Overholt

“The XQUARONE is a bike that will leave you shaking your head – and grinning ear to ear after you blast back into town from the top of the mountain. Polygon XQUARONE was honestly unlike anything I’ve ever ridden. The closest thing I could think of would be the missing link suspension system from the tantrum, but it’s not really a fair comparison given the Polygon’s massive amounts of travel. As usual, two days of riding hardly gives an impression worthy of a full review, but first impressions are usually pretty indicative of the final results. I left the camp still struggling to comprehend the thought of a 180mm travel bike as your “one” bike, but the experience indicated that you totally could. It climbs as well as anything out there, it snaps out of corners with ease, and the suspension goes from efficient to ridiculously plush almost telepathically. There’s really no reason to want any less travel out of an all mountain/enduro bike”

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