Whether it's climbing and going down steep trails or jumping high at bike parks. Enjoy your riding and discover yourself.


No hands, more tricks. With our robust and specific geometry-designed dirt jumper and BMX bikes, you'll go from ground to air and back again smoothly and safely.


Chasing for speed and against the wind, or fun Sunday club ride with friends around town; all you need is here.


Whether it's a fun tour with friends on gravel roads, or just keep riding into the unknown. Unlock yourself, it all starts here. ​


Bike has given us a lot. It helps us to live a life that we can be proud of; and we want to share that, to bring a healthy and joyful day-to-day routine.


These years, we have come further to build a smart living. We bring you our E-bikes, to take you to discover more trails, more loops, and discover future.


What's more lovely than the childhood memories? Ouch! Perhaps the one that crosses your mind right now is that first scar that you got while riding on a bike! But hey, it was also a lovely family time, the first taste of courage to learn how to get back on after falling off, and go on adventure with new friends. So, go get bikes for your kids, and see those beautiful things also happen to them.

Polygon Factory Racing Team​

Polygon Factory Racing is our commitment to excelling in the world of Mountain Biking. In its first year in 2022, the team was ranked #16, a testament to our dedication to finding the right balance of skill, style, and speed across all three riders. While this is Polygon’s first Factory Racing team, our bike factory has been building toward this moment for over 30 years, and we have supported racers who have stood on countless World Cup podiums. We are excited to introduce our fresh Enduro World Series Pro Team – Polygon Factory Racing, as we take our racing heritage to a whole new level in 2023.​

Daniel Wolfe
Mathew Stuttard
Brady Stone
Jack Menzies
Daniel Wolfe

Can Sleep Anywhere​

Dan has been Polygon’s long-term partner since 2017 and has helped develop much of Polygon’s lineup. He is ranked #66 globally, as well as placed 2nd in Trophy of Nations’s Industry Trophy in 2022.​

Dan also contributes as Pinkbike’s EWS Social Media Correspondent.​

Instagram: @thebigbad_wolfe​

Mathew Stuttard

Eats XL-Pizzas Whole

Matt is the team’s adrenaline junkie who gets his rush from extended amounts of airtime. He is ranked #23 globally, and consistently represents Great Britain in Trophy of Nations.​
Matt motivates himself during each race by imagining his plate of post-race steak.​

Instagram: @mattstuttard46​

Brady Stone

Sweetest Kid of 2022

Brady is the super rookie with the bright future. He is ranked #34 globally, formerly ranked #1 globally in the U21 category, and ranked #1 in all of our hearts.​
Brady also has a cool middle name that sounds like its straight out of Pokemon.​

Instagram: @bradystone13

Jack Menzies

Silent Assasin

Jack is our newly signed rider for 2023 who is so passionate about MTB that he moved to Squamish right after high school. He is also ranked #16 globally.​
2022 was Jack’s first year racing in the Elite category and he’s already had two Top 10’!

Instagram: @jackmenzies__

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