By: Drew Rodhe

“Over the last decade I’ve ridden a ton of bikes and I could probably count the ones that have really stoked me out on two hands. Out of that small group, this Polygon is the most unique bar none. Suppleness and sensitivity are equally impressive on the way up as they are on the way down. If you love to climb technical trails, or are low on skill and fitness, this bike will undoubtedly elevate your game. As far as descending goes, the EX 9 will feel comfortable in just about any situation you throw its way. It will gobble up rocks, chunder, and roots with ease and give you confidence-enhancing traction like you’ve never had before. We’ve all heard of hero-dirt. It’s that perfect soil that lets you get away with anything, corner like a pro and makes you feel like you’re way better than you are. Well, this is the hero-bike”

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