“This Siskiu series of bikes doesn’t have the glitz of Polygon’s mind-blowing Xqaurone EX uber bike. They’re pitched at the rider looking for excellent value, not cutting-edge innovation, and so you’ll find effective but uncomplicated suspension designs, with practical, user-friendly components. The Siskiu N9, here, is the hardest hitting bike in the Siskiu line, with 160 or 170mm travel, and angles that have strutted right off the Enduro catwalk. Wheel sizes? The N9 is available in both 27.5 and 29er, but not in all frame sizes. Large and x-large frames get 29er wheels, small frames get 27.5″ wheels, and if you’re lucky enough to ride a medium, you can choose either wheel size. Want little wheels on a big frame? Sorry, no dice, Captain. We’re riding a medium with 29er wheels – give us the big wagon wheels any day, it’s confidence we crave. Polygon come to you direct, keeping the costs down, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the excellent component spec for the money. Coming in at $3699, the bike is dressed in Enduro finery from FOX (with a 36 and DPX2 shock), SRAM GX Eagle and Scwhalbe’s Magic Mary tyres. The TRP four-pot brakes scared the hell out of us on our first test ride, as they took a lot longer to bed-in than a Shimano or SRAM brake, but they’re working well now. The majority of the kit is all Entity, which is Polygon’s in-house component label. .”

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