Straight after Mont-Sainte-Anne, the team flew to Vancouver for the more than famous Crankworx Whistler. It started with Garbanzo DH on last Tuesday. For those who might not be familiar with this track, it’s a very rough and technical 14 minutes downhill and this track is one of Tracey’s favorite! It would be a 3rd place for Tracey!

We finished our week with the last event of Crankworx on Sunday, the Canadian Open DH. Tracey had a full week of not only competing but she had the chance to go Heli biking, talked in front of a packed crowd at a Women in Action Sport Panel, did some signing session and took part of the Crankworx award ceremony as she was nominated in the Crankworx spirit award category.

Canadian Open was a big goal for Tracey. The wild fires around Whistler made for a bit of a challenge with a cloud of smoke covering the resort. This also meant super dusty conditions and a blown out track. Tracey had a stellar run and takes the win for the 4th time in a row!

With this win, Tracey marks some good points and wins the Downhill Crankworx World Tour Overall! We’re super proud of Tracey for a good season of Crankworx racing as, if you remember, Tracey had missed on Cankworx Rotorua after a concussion. It’s the 2nd time Tracey wins this title! Good Job Tracey and Congrats!





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