Embarking on a bike touring adventure is an exciting journey of self-discovery. When it comes to gearing up, nothing is more crucial than choosing the right bike equipment, including essential components like tires. Between you and the diverse terrains you’ll traverse, your choice of bike equipment will determine the flow of the thrill in your adventure. From rugged-off road trails to smooth asphalt ribbons, the type of tires you use can remarkably influence your cycling experience.

Your choice of tire can make or break your journey, affecting both your performance and safety. For instance, opt for wider and knobby tires on rugged off-road adventures. If your route leans more toward smooth roads, narrower and slicker will minimize resistance, allowing you to ride more efficiently. With the right tire as your ally, you’ll seamlessly navigate diverse landscapes while ensuring a comfortable and secure exploration. This article will help you find the best gravel-adventure tires in your adventure spot!

1. Choose the Proper Tire Size 

Choosing the perfect size of gravel tire is a game-changer for your off-road cycling endeavors. There are two common gravel tire size options, the 700c (equivalent to 29in) and 650b (27.5in equivalent). When it comes to 700c gravel tires, these tires are well-known for their adaptability and speed. Spanning from 35mm to 46 mm in width,  these tires excel in versatile rolling on mixed surfaces, making them a top pick for diverse terrains and long rides. They are reliable traction and stability on loose gravel, dirt paths, and even smoother roads. Overall, 700c gravel tires appear as a go-to choice, perfectly catering to riders who crave exploration without compromising on performance. Polygon’s Path X and Bend Series are using 700c gravel tires which are perfect for your challenging adventure while promising an exciting and adrenaline-pumping adventure!

In contrast, 650b gravel tires carve a distinct path. Sporting a smaller diameter of around 650mm, these tires prioritize enhanced maneuverability and a smoother ride over rugged terrains. With widths stretching from 45mm to 53mm, they nailed remarkable stability on gravel tracks, woodland trails, and even challenging singletracks. The combination of smaller wheel sizes and wider tires results in superior handling and better grip, making 650b gravel tires the ultimate preference for those on the hunt for daring routes that mandate impeccable traction and control.

2. Select the Proper Tire Width 

When it comes to finding the right fit, understanding tire dimensions is key. The size is usually represented as a combination of two numbers on the tire's sidewall, such as 700x25c or 26×2.0. The first number denotes the diameter of the tire in millimeters (for road bikes) or inches (for mountain bikes), while the second number indicates the width of the tire in millimeters (or inches). The width of the tire ranged from 28mm up to 57mm wide.  

28 to 32mm: 

These narrow tires strike a balance between agility and stability, making them perfect for a well-paved road adventure. With reduced rolling resistance and efficient handling, these tires are the best fit for speed enthusiasts and urban adventurers.  

35 to 40mm: 

For cyclists venturing onto mixed terrains and gravel paths, tire widths in the range of 35-40mm are the best option. The mid-range option provides enhanced traction and comfort, making them suitable for tackling various surfaces easily. If you are exploring gravel trails or taking on fairly rough patches, the 35-40mm width tires can provide you with efficiency and stability. If you are up for a swift but adventurous gravel touring experience, Polygon’s Path X Series are your best choices, which is equipped with 35mm width tires.  

42 to 45mm: 

When adventure leads you to more challenging terrains, such as rugged gravel roads and uneven trails, tire widths ranging from 42-45mm offer a substantial boost in stability and control. These wider tires help distribute your weight effectively and improve your overall riding experience. With an exceptional grip on loose gravel and dirt, these tires are made for adventurers who prioritize exploration and versatility as they ensure a secure ride on unpredictable surfaces. Polygon’s Bend R7 and R9X are equipped with 44-width tires, allowing you to conquer the hardest road easily without losing the fun. 


For those craving the ultimate off-road experience, tire widths of 47mm and above are the go-to solution. These extra-wide tires provide unparalleled stability, making them ideal for conquering challenging trails, singletracks, and even rough backcountry routes. These tires offer a cushioned ride, absorbing shocks, and bumps to provide maximum comfort during extended adventures. If you're ready to embrace the untamed wilderness and take on the most rugged trails, Polygon’s Bend V9X series, with 50mm width, is the key to unlocking unparalleled off-road capabilities.

3. Pick the Ideal Tire Tread

Once you have chosen the right size and width, you need to pick the right tire pattern based on your terrain. The tread design is intricately tied to the type of road. You may enjoy your ride with your preferred tire size or width, but if you make a misstep in selecting the right tread pattern, your journey could range from uncomfortable to perilous. The significance of tread should not be underestimated — it determines your journey’s comfort and safety.

Knobby Tires

Knobby tires are a good choice for off-road enthusiasts and mountain bikers seeking rugged performance. These tires feature deep, spaced-out knobs that provide exceptional traction on loose surfaces like dirt, mud, and rocky trails. The aggressive tread design allows these tires to grip uneven terrain effectively, enhancing control and stability during challenging rides.

Slick Tires

Slick tires have a smooth and treadless surface, which is mainly used for road to urban-adventure cyclists. These tires offer reduced rolling resistance, allowing for a swift ride on paved roads. The smooth surface of the tire minimizes friction, letting cyclists move faster and more agile without spending too much effort. It fits best when you’re out for an urban-adventure ride with fewer obstacles ahead.

Semi-slick tires 

For those who are looking for a balance between knobby and slick tires, the semi-slick tires are the perfect fit. These tires typically feature a smooth center section for reduced rolling resistance on roads, with slightly raised knobs on the sides for improved traction on corners and moderate off-road conditions. Semi-slick tires offer a smoother ride on paved surfaces while still promising a dependable grip and control on gravel paths.


The best gravel tires for your adventure can be found through these simple steps: determine your tire size, width, and types based on the surfaces you’re going to transverse. Remember to choose the right tires that can fit into your bike to avoid any hazards.

Whichever gravel adventure you are looking forward to, either on-road or off-road, make sure you have chosen the perfect bike and tires. Going for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on a rocky mountain? The Polygon’s Bend Series will surely be your best ally by providing you with control and a dependable grip. Or are you looking for the next level of urban adventure? The Path X Series got your back and promised you an exciting experience!

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