“Most companies, in fact, does not focus on the efficiency of pedaling when it comes to Dh, but an important factor in the design and development of Polygon XquarOne lies precisely in pedaling skills.
Polygon has been working closely with the team to create NAILD a downhill bike that was really capable of both challenging stretches, where there is to push, as in the fast tracks. Settandola with sag suggested, the Polygon XquarOne Dh has between 98% and 110% anti-squat value. The main objective of Polygon during the design of the new XquarOne Dh was to make a fun way. For this reason we chose to build this bike around the 27.5 “wheels. It ‘was then intentionally resisted the current trend of using 29 “wheels also in Dh, in an attempt to make more fun riding a greater circle of Gravity fans, whether they are athletes or amateurs who turn in the bike park. The frame of the Polygon XquarOne Dh is entirely made of carbon fiber and weighs about 4 pounds (with shock absorber) , the complete bike weighs about 14.5 pounds. The cable passage is internal to the chassis, the wagon is Super Boost 157 mm and its length is approximately 44 cm. The Polygon XquarOne Dh uses a metric cushion from 225x75mm with Trunnion attack. Just like the XquarOne Ex, also here it is present the suspensory diagram NAILD R3ACT 2 Play. In this case, however, the tuning is specific and with a softer setting: it seems, in fact, this pattern is so effective that does not require a suspension too strong.”

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