“The XQuarOne DH boasts same suspension system but with 218mm of travel and DH geometry. The R3ACT 2Play suspension system adopted by Polygon is able to optimize the anti-squat by keeping it around 100% (between 98 and 110% for accuracy), which is as neutral as possible, not only in the area of sag but throughout the entire range of travel and with all the available ratios, thanks to the piston that intervenes on the rear end and modifies the instant center during the compression. The frame of the XQuarOne DH is entirely made of carbon fiber and tips the scale at just under 4kg, including the shock, while the complete flagship bike, the DH9, weighs less than 14.5kg. The level of detail is high and it’s made with care and precision. The massive protective shell of the downtube protects where the R3ACT suspension system is inserted. The passage of the cables between the front triangle and the end is also quite slick. The rear shock is metric sized at 225x75mm, made with a very light tune so that the suspension system works with the least hydraulic resistance possible, enhancing the natural behavior of the kinematics, which, according to Polygon engineers works so well that it does not have to require a significantly heavy damper hydraulics.”

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