We are so excited to share with you that Tracey Hannah has won the Leogang world cup and that she is the current leader in the overall ranking!
It’s been a long road to get on that top spot of the podium and we are all very proud and amazed about how Tracey rode and handled the pressure.

The weather at Leogang has been the total opposite of Fort William. A lot of changes had been made on the track with a new start and some fresh dirt in the woods. Everyone was a bit struggling at the start of the week to find their flow but it all came back on the second day of training.

Tracey was on the hunt for some points knowing she wasn’t too far from Rachel Atherton who was the leader. She was close to win in Fort William and knew she had what it takes to claim a victory. At her timed run she was disappointed seeing she was a bit far from Rachel. So for her quali she did attack and rode very well which paid off as she took the fastest time.
On race day, the pressure was high for Tracey being the last women down the hill. She attacked a lot making mistakes but always keeping a good pace. Tracey sent a huge final jump and crossed the finish line with a 2.5 secondes margin win!
Scoring the maximum point possible, Tracey is the current leader with a nice 150 points advance!



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