Are you ready to do your favorite UR Team’s rider impersonation?

12 limited edition full bikes and 25 limited edition framesets produced specially for you!

The Collosus DH9 Team Edition is a special collaboration between UR Team and Polygon Bikes. The bike is presented as a replica of the team’s winning bike that’s equipped with team’s official specifications also. Raced and proven on the whole UCI World Cup Downhill circuit and ridden by whole riders to won the podiums; Collosus DH9 Team Edition has a new longer front end, lengthened wheelbase, and using a new carbon upper linkage design. This engineering feat features 203mm of smooth, bottomless travel to soak up anything from high-speed bumps to big hits. The ALX front triangle and ACX rear triangle are built around 27.5” wheels for staying on top of the rough stuff and going down faster than ever. The DH9 is equipped with a flip chip in the rear shock mount that lowers or raises the bottom bracket height to give riders the ability to adjust the bike’s geometry as well as making it possible to ride the DH9 with 26” wheels.

Polygon DH9 Team edition price list:

  1. DH9 Team Edition: USD 7499
  2. DH9 Team Edition Frameset: USD 2599

Please contact Polygon’s official reseller in your countries mentioned on the list below:

  • Australia: Bicycle Online Australia
  • USA: Doublekross Distribution, Inc
  • Europe: Xazony Maly B.V
  • UK: Moore Large
  • Malaysia: Lerun Malaysia
  • Singapore: Rodalink Singapore
  • China: GDR Sport


For the information of the other countries resellers and further steps to process your order please contact to

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