Whether it's climbing and going down steep trails or jumping high at bike parks. Enjoy your riding and discover yourself.


No hands, more tricks. With our robust and specific geometry-designed dirt jumper and BMX bikes, you'll go from ground to air and back again smoothly and safely.


Chasing for speed and against the wind, or fun Sunday club ride with friends around town; all you need is here.


Whether it's a fun tour with friends on gravel roads, or just keep riding into the unknown. Unlock yourself, it all starts here.


Bikes have given us a lot. It helps us to live a life that we can be happy with and proud of; so we want to share that and bring a healthy and joyful day-to-day routine.


These years, we have come further to build a smart living. We bring you our E-bikes, to take you to discover more trails, more loops, and discover future.


What's more lovely than the childhood memories? Ouch! Perhaps the one that crosses your mind right now is that first scar that you got while riding on a bike! But hey, it was also a lovely family time, the first taste of courage to learn how to get back on after falling off, and go on adventure with new friends. So, go get bikes for your kids, and see those beautiful things also happen to them.



“We are Polygon”. For over 25 years, Polygon Bikes have been designing, building and engineering world class bicycles in partnership with engineers, industrial designers, creative thinkers and professional riders based in North America, Europe, and Asia. We are passionate about innovation and work hard each season to produce fresh and authentic designs with global relevance. We are one of the few global bike brands that own our manufacturing facilities allowing us to control all aspects of the manufacturing process from the craftsmanship of hand welding our frames right through to our industry-leading assembly and painting facilities. By producing close to a million bicycles per year, it also allows us to leverage significant cost efficiencies that most brands are not able to achieve. This results in our ability to offer an extensive range of high-quality bicycles you can depend on at some of the most competitive pricing available in the market.

“Our Flagship Products“. Some of Polygon’s flagship models include the XQUARONE, Collosus DH, and Collosus N & T series. XQUARONE, the winner of 2017 Pinkbike Innovation of the Year Award, is created as a departure from the old way of classifying bikes and creates a new paradigm where travel no longer determines discipline. The Collosus DH is an ultimate “Downhill Winning Machine” currently being ridden by the UR Team in the whole UCI World Cup Downhill Championships. The bike is also ridden by world-famous free rider, Kurt Sorge who won the 2015 & 2017 Red Bull Rampage. Polygon’s global development program also extends into the world of enduro racing with the Collosus N9. This bike has featured in the 2016& 2017 Enduro World Series ridden by UR rider, Fabien Cousinie from France. It is built around Polygon’s proprietary “floating” suspension system, making this long-travel machine one of the most compliant and efficient on the circuit.

“Our Commitments”. Polygon Bikes has a mission and dedication to create bikes that spark the imagination of riders around the world. Whatever style of riding you are passionate about, or whatever goals you have as a rider, Polygon offer an extensive range of high-quality bikes with leading-edge technology to help you take your riding to the next level.

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