“New for 2018, Polygon announces the release of the Polygon Siskiu T- Trail Mountain Bike range – featuring a Wheel Fit Size System, built around a lightweight aluminum frame adopting the new Boost Hub standards, 150mm(27.5″) and 140mm(29er) travel on a FAUX BAR design, a One By drivetrain, dropper seat post and much more. The Polygon Wheel Fit Size System assures each frame size is paired with a wheel size that perfectly fits the rider’s height for better efficiency and an optimal riding experience. a FAUX BAR rear suspension system, keeping the frame weight down while reinforcing high stress areas and reducing flex under heavy loads. Shimano XT 1×10 (Siskiu T7) and 1×11 (Siskiu T8) drivetrain, further improving the bike’s performance and taking full advantage of Shimano’s Clutch system to eliminate chain slap.”

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