Whether you enjoy fast technical descents, smooth flowing single track, or scenic bike paths; Polygon Full Suspension mountain bikes have a highly capable bike for you. From our world-class race bikes to our XC Trail series; we are serious about providing cutting edge technology, high build quality, and a wide range of component options. Polygon's Hardtail mountain bikes offer a high build quality frame with modern geometry, wide range component options, and follow our Wheel Fit Size System (depending on the model version). These bike will bring an incredible and versatile riding experience for all hardtail enthusiast. Our products offer the best riding experience to riders of all levels!



Whatever you are training for sprinting for the finish line, your next century, or cruising the bike path with your family; we’ve got the bike for you. We have everything from ultra responsive UCI approved race bikes to comfortable touring bikes and even gravel grinding machines. Polygon is determined to provide industry leading technology, supreme build quality, and cutting edge specifications to make your Polygon road bike experience extraordinary.



Polygon has a number of different models of urban bikes to fit any rider’s need. From urban sport to tandem bikes, we have the bike to fit your need. These bikes were designed as the perfect bikes for your urban environment, bikes that require little to no maintenance and bikes that are versatile enough to take trips to the corner store or to cruise bike paths. The Polygon Urban bikes are comfortable to ride in any weather and will withstand rough city streets.

Polygon Dirt Jump/BMX bikes were created for the riders who spend hours with a shovel in their hands working to build the perfect set of jumps or pump track, for the riders who spend extra hours practicing gates at their local BMX track, or for the riders who are the last to leave the skate park.



Polygon’s goal is to create bikes for everyone to ride. This includes creating quality lightweight bikes that are safe for younger riders. Polygon Youth bikes are carefully designed with geometry for smaller riders and high quality parts that are scaled down to fit smaller riders. The Polygon Youth series is dedicated to create bikes for every child to have an enjoyable riding experience and spark future adventures on their bikes.

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