Warranty Coverage Area

1. Frame and rigid fork only

2. The quality of the paint and the stickers are not included in the warranty point

How long does coverage last?

1.Each bike's guarantee is depended to its class. Please refer to this link POLYGON'S STANDARTS CLASSIFICATION FOR BICYCLE USAGE to find out about your bike's class. The guarantee starts on the invoice date.

The warranty applies only

1. To the bikes bought at one of authourized Polygon retailers

2. To the bikes in normal use and regularly serviced at one of authourized Polygon retailers

3. To the first owner of the bicycle. The warranty is not transferable to new owners

4. To the bikes without any modification

The warranty does not apply

1. If there is any modification done on the bicycle and not suit the bicycle specification (formal specification can be found at www.polygonbikes.com).

Any technical problem please contact Polygon authorized distributor / dealer.

contact our an authourized Polygon retailers

2. In the event of an accident (crash, collision, etc)

3. If the bicycle is no longer adapted to your morphology

4. If you have continued to ride the bicycle after it has been damaged

5. In the event of a usage that does not conform with technical and safety standards

6. In the event of a force of nature (natural catastophe, fire, humidity, etc)

7. In the event of commercial usage (rental, general lending, etc)

8. In the event of internal corrosion of Chromoly steel frames

9. Usage does not follow riding regulations, riding safety standards, and riding area characteristics which are set for certain bicycles.

10. In the case of the bike is ex-prototype and ex-demo bike

11. In the case of the bike got from the promotation program by the third party

Warranty procedure

1. Contact your authourized Polygon Dealer (where possible the one that intially sold you the bicycle – if possible contact the retailer where the bicycle was bought before) so as to inform them of the problem

2. Bring the assembled bicycle for inspection to your authourized Polygon retailer

3. The retailer should send a completed warranty claim form to Polygon warranty service. This claim should include:

a. Picture of the frame number displaying on the bottom bracket

b. A picture of the defect section part

c. A picture of the complete bicycle is necessary to verify the components assembled. For any new bicycle a picture of the sticker on the bicycle box is necessary

d. A copy of the original invoice

Third party brandwarranty

1. The Third party brands means the support components used in Polygon bike to build up the specification but madeproduced by others factory (ex:e.g.FOX, Rockshox, Shimano, etc)

2. For the warranty conditions of any third party brand, please refer to manufacturers manual or website

3. Polygon will not compesate to be responsible and resolve of all claims that happened from the third party brands

4. If you need further information please contact our an authourized Polygon retailers

The warranty for frame set

1. The frame set must be assembled with the compatible parts as the according to Polygon standard specification (the standard specification can befindfoundit on our website www.polygonbikes.com)

2. The warranty does not apply if the frame set is assembled with the uncompatible or not standardized parts or not standard

3. The warranty procedure is same as regular bike

Limitations of responsibility

1. No retailer or third party is authourized to either assume or decide, expressly or implicitly for any warranty addition or extension of the conditions defined here by Polygon

2. Polygon will not compesate to be responsible for the addition or extension warranty conditions by third party.

3. Polygon will not compesate to be responsible for any moral damage caused to the user, the buyer or others resulting from the use of a frame or any Entity components

4. Polygon shall in no way will notbe responsible for any amount exceeding the actual purchase price of the bike or for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising in connection with the said bike. This limitation is established within the strict limits of the law of the contract and trade practices estabilshed by usage

How to register the Polygon bike?

The registration can be done on our website. Click here!


1. We recommend to the buyer to inspect all of the functions and completeness before riding

2. We recommend that you first select the appropriate equipment for your pratice by taking advice from a competent professional (the most important is obviously a helmet)

3. It is strongly recommended not to change the build specification of the bicycle. Experience shows that too many users mount components that are unsuitable for their bike. These changes are dangerous for the user and are often a sign of a change in riding type

4. Make sure to keep the original invoice carefully