“Polygon has always taken the bit between its teeth when it comes toproducing great value, well specced, well performing mountain bikes. Introduced late in 2018, the siskiuN9 enduro 29er model really caught my eye with its understated looks, value for money componentry and A-grade suspension.” Read full article Now

Flow Mountain Bike: Polygon Siskiu N9 – First Impressions

“This Siskiu series of bikes doesn’t have the glitz of Polygon’s mind-blowing Xqaurone EX uber bike. They’re pitched at the rider looking for excellent value, not cutting-edge innovation, and so you’ll find effective but uncomplicated suspension designs, with practical, user-friendly components. The Siskiu N9, here, is the hardest hitting bike in the Siskiu line, with […]

MTB CULT IT :Polygon XQUARONE DH: Futuristic scheme with travel from 218 mm

“Most companies, in fact, does not focus on the efficiency of pedaling when it comes to Dh, but an important factor in the design and development of Polygon XquarOne lies precisely in pedaling skills. Polygon has been working closely with the team to create NAILD a downhill bike that was really capable of both challenging […]

Polygon Bikes releases the new XQUARONE DH Series by

“Continuing on with the highly publicized XquareOne EX with R3ACT 2Play suspension platform, Polygon released what will surely be one of the most talked about DH bikes this year. The looks may be polarizing and the unique design gives skeptics plenty of fuel, but the reality is that long before they announced this bike to […]

Polygon Bikes Releases The New XQUARONE DH Series by: Iceman2058 Vital MTB

“Continuing on with the highly publicized XquareOne EX with R3ACT 2Play suspension platform, Polygon released what will surely be one of the most talked about DH bikes this year. The XQUARONE DH series isn’t meant to be just about downhill racing, we designed this bike to do more than just race the clock – this […]

Polygon XQuarOne DH: From Prototype to Production by: Francesco Mazza

“The XQuarOne DH boasts same suspension system but with 218mm of travel and DH geometry. The R3ACT 2Play suspension system adopted by Polygon is able to optimize the anti-squat by keeping it around 100% (between 98 and 110% for accuracy), which is as neutral as possible, not only in the area of sag but throughout […]

Polygon XQUARONE DH glides over anything with 218mm of pedal-able travel by: Zach Overholt Bike Rumor

“The XQUARONE DH has impressive pedaling characteristics without affecting the suspension performance. XQUARONE DH relies on an air shock with very little damping. While unorthodox, Darrell said the ultimate goal is to reduce pressure build up while getting the rear wheel up and over obstacles and down the other side faster, all while keeping the wheel […]

First Ride Polygon XQUAREONE DH by: Robert Johnston The Loam Wolf

“I loaded the bike on to the Glencoe chairlift, what was apparent, however, was the distinct lack of bob for a bike with 218mm travel. I attempted to pedal through flat rock gardens, expecting an unmanageable amount of pedal feedback. However, to my surprise, the bike remained incredibly composed, and the suspension continued to absorb […]

Imbikemag: Polygon XQUARONE DH – First Ride

“Dropping in, it’s immediately a different experience to other bikes, with a magic-carpet-like smooth ride. The travel is obviously huge, but there is delicate sensitivity in there which belies the aggressive nature of the bike. As a rule, I like bikes with a bit of feedback through my feet, allowing me to pop and hop […]

First Ride: Polygon’s New XquarOne DH by Mike Kazimer Pinkbike

“The XquarOne DH delivers an incredible amount of traction, especially while cornering. Typically, it’s pretty easy to let the back end get drifty when summer is in full swing and the trails are dry and dusty – all it takes is a subtle weight shift in the right scenario and the rear wheel of almost […]

Eurobike Debut: Affordable Polygon Siskiu N Series Alloy All-Mountain Bikes By Brian Gerow Singletracks

“Paired with the rugged build of the new bikes, these sweet rippers are shaped by all the right curves of modern “big bike” geo. Headtube angles across the size run are 65.5°, with a climb-comforting effective-seat-tube angle of 75°. Chainstays are 435mm for 27.5″ wheels and 439.4mm on 29″ models. The reach sits right around […]