A Revolutionary bike derived from a new paradigm of suspension system which enable every rider to conquer various trails smoothly without compromising pedaling efficiency.


An aluminum full suspension bike with a combination of parts and technology, designed to be ridden in the most demanding conditions. An aggressive, agile, and fast bike.


Highly capable modern trail bike for the riders who demand more aggressive hardtail than an XC bike. Landed on 27.5+ tire to ensure its comfort and traction.


Hardtail bike which is designed for those who want to ride on a wide variety of terrain. Xtrada is a racing quality bike with durable and dependable components ridden everywhere.


A versatile mountain bike built with modern geometry for more comfortable leisure ride, it will keep enthusiast riders riding the bike for years


A leisure bike to commute to work during the weekdays and a recreational bike during the weekends, Cascade is built for easy and comfortable ride.



Top of the line Dirt Jumper tested by world-class rider to assure its robust construction and outstanding performance


A BMX bike designed to accelerate when the gate drops, to corner precisely, and to catch the backside of doubles.