Square One Series Are Available For Pre-orders!


The wait is finally over. After its official launching in early April 2017; Polygon Bikes officially open the pre-order for all the products of Square One series. 

Everyone who is excited to get their hands on the bikes can pre-order it starting from May 26th to June 25th, 2017. 

The delivery time of the customer's order will be informed personally maximum a week after their pre-order submission.

Every pre-order participants will get a limited edition of Square One Jersey.

The Square One EX Series price list:

1. Square One EX9 : USD 8,499

2. Square One EX8: USD 6,799

3. Square One EX 9 Frameset : USD 3,499

Please contact Polygon Square One Series' official reseller in your countries mentioned on the list below:

- Australia : Bicycle Online Australia

- USA : Doublekross Distribution, Inc

- Malaysia: Lerun Malaysia

- Singapore: Rodalink Singapore

- China: GDR Sport

For the information of the other countries resellers and further steps to process your pre-order please contact to: info@polygonbikes.com

Polygon Square One, Your New Beginning.

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