Kurt Sorge Wins Rampage, Sam Reynolds Wins Best Trick


Polygon Bikes soared to new heights at last weeks Red Bull Rampage on the newly launched Collosus DH9. After missing Rampage for two years after winning in 2012, Kurt Sorge is the 2015 Red Bull Rampage Champion and became only the second rider to win the event twice. In his first Redbull Rampage, Sam Reynolds had an amazing run and was able to win the Best Tricks award with a huge Superman over the Canyon Gap. Sam also finished in the top 12 which means that he is pre-qualified for the next Rampage.  

Due to weather concerns Rampage finals was moved from Saturday to Friday, Kurt Sorge and his build crew had to finish his line on Wednesday. Being a past Rampage winner Kurt Sorge was pre-qualified so he did not have to ride on Thursday. Several riders who qualified on Thursday used a small portion of Kurt’s line and after seeing them ride that portion, Kurt Sorge decided to change the line a little bit. Kurt Sorge and his build crew were on the mountain well after dark making sure everything was ready to go for Kurt’s run on Friday.
On Friday morning, Kurt Sorge hiked to the start gate and waited for his turn to drop in. He was one of the last riders to go and there were several serious crashes and a helicopter evacuation before Kurt Sorge was to drop in. There was a lot of nervous energy at the start gate and because of how extreme several portions of his run were he had not ridden them. He only needed one run to take home the win and he was fast, smooth and went big. When Kurt Sorge arrived in the finish coral, the mountain erupted in cheers. The crowd went wild again after his 96.5 score was announced. After that announcement, Kurt's long wait in the hot seat started. With almost 20 riders taking their second runs, and as rider after rider came down the mountain, no one could not touch Kurt’s score. And when all was said and done, Kurt Sorge and his Collosus DH9 had won the 2015 Red Bull Rampage.

Congratulations to Kurt Sorge for winning the 2015 Red Bull Rampage and to Sam Reynolds for winning the best trick award.

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