Urban Sport

Urban Bikes

Polygon Urban Sport series bikes were created for anyone looking for a versatile bike to commute around the town with or to explore bike paths on the weekends. These bikes are great to encourage fitness and to save precious time while riding through the city. With geometry designed for comfort and an upright riding position, the Polygon Urban Sport bikes are great for riding in traffic or while going on endless adventures.


Urban Bikes

The Polygon Hybrid series combines an upright riding position with the toughness of a mountain bike and the rolling speed of a road bike. These bikes were created for riders looking to make the most out of their commute to work and who enjoy a casual pedal on their days off. The Polygon Hybrid bikes are all purpose bikes that will make riders of all ability enjoy their time in the saddle.

Speed Utility

Urban Bikes

The Polygon Speed Utility bikes were created for anyone looking for a quick, stylish and low maintenance commuter. With a mountain bike inspired frame and rigid forks these bikes will smooth out the bumps in your path on your daily commute. These bikes were designed for the city rider searching for an under the radar vehicle for an urban adventure.


Urban Bikes

The Polygon City series were created to be a comfortable bike for pleasure trips around town, for visiting street cafes, for going shopping or going to your best friend’s house a few blocks away. These bikes are built to suit your lifestyle and your individual style.


Urban Bikes

Polygon Tandem series was created to bring new a dimension to cycling by turn cycling into a mutual experience. Whether you enjoy rolling on single track, cruising major roads or simply going around the neighborhood, the Polygon Tandem series is ready for double the fun!


Urban Bikes

The Polygon Folding bike are fantastic for storing away in tight spots or when travelling. The wheels, handlebars and frames are hinged to fit into a standard box that airlines accept. These bikes are be easily maneuvered onto trains, buses and into the trunk of your car. The Polygon Folding series bikes are perfect for running a quick errand or for your daily commute

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