Road Bikes

The Gravel series bikes are built for endurance riding on forest service roads, gravel roads and dusty roads. These bikes were built with thrill seekers in mind, riders who are looking for an escape route or for riders who are looking for a versatile commuter. The Polygon Gravel series has plenty to offer to riders who are in search of a versatile bike for a variety of terrain. 


Road Bikes

The Polygon Touring series is the new kid on the block in the Polygon line up. These bikes were built for traveling long distances in comfort. These bikes were built to be light, durable, and full of all the options needed to go on long expeditions. Where ever your route may take you, the Polygon touring bikes are the perfect bike to take you around the world.


Road Bikes

The Polygon Performance series bikes are built to turn every turn of the pedals into speed. Designed to be stiff, lightweight, while meeting UCI standards, and regulations. These bikes have an aggressive geometry that suits a rider with a powerful pedalling style. These agile bikes guarantee maximum performance in the toughest race conditions. The Polygon Performance series will fulfill your need for speed on your local lunch ride or when sprinting for the podium. 


Road Bikes

The Polygon Endurance series was created to inspire riders to ride faster, rider farther, and ride longer. These bikes have a more laid back geometry to put the rider into a more comfortable riding position. With a longer top tube to alleviate the stress in your neck and back on longer rides, the Polygon Endurance series is ready for the rider looking to ride longer distances in style and comfort. 

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