Mountain Bikes

Polygon's Gravity series bikes are capable of taking you to the highest level. With a suspension platform that has been tested and proven at the highest levels in both the freeride and race world. The Collosus DH9 was ridden to several podiums over the past several years. Polygon’s Gravity bikes are the best choice for any rider who wants to get a lift to the top of the trail and then push their limits on the way down. If you want a downhill bike that has nothing left to prove in the mountain bike world, then these are the bike for you. 


Mountain Bikes

The Polygon Enduro bikes were the first products to come out of the Polygon Global Development Program. The N series bikes were designed to bring you on an extraordinary journey. Designed around 27.5” wheels, these do it all bikes feature a proven suspension platform that maximizes pedal efficiency on technical climbs and has a bottomless feel on the way down. Whether your goal is to race against the Enduro World Series field, test your technical ability, or ride your local mountain trails; these bikes are ready to push you to new limits while taming your local trails.


Mountain Bikes

The Collosus T series is another outstanding innovation of the Polygon Global Development Program. These bikes were created to be the ultimate all purpose bike, built to be nimble while in the saddle, when riding winding single track, on technical climbs, and during long flowing descents. The T series bikes will flush your system with more adrenaline than anything you have ever ridden. If you are looking for one bike to ride on any and all trails, these are the bikes for you. 

XC Trail

Mountain Bikes

The Polygon XC Trail series was designed to ride a little bit of everything, from exploring back country single track to doing laps at your local trail centre. These bikes excel at charging technical climbs, pedaling through rough terrain, and pumping flow trails. The Polygon XC Trail series was built for anyone who spends all day on their bike tackling technical climbs and challenging descents.

XC Race

Mountain Bikes

The Polygon XC Race series bikes are all about going fast on off road trails that are full of steep climbs, aggressive descents, and technical features. These bikes are best suited for riders with high endurance and the ability to ride technical trails. These bikes were designed to be efficient, light, and responsive race worthy bikes that will help you win your race; whether you are racing for a podium position, or racing your friends back to the parking lot. 

XC Sport

Mountain Bikes

The Polygon XC Sport series offers riders with cross country race aspirations; an affordable, stable, and race capable bike. These bikes will give riders an unforgettable experience while improving their skills. This series of bikes has a wide variety of models for cross country enthusiasts that are ready to go to the next level on their local trails. 


Mountain Bikes

Polygon is commited to create the best bikes for the whole spectrum of riders. We understand that women are different. On average, women have shorter torsos, shorter arms, and longer legs than a man of the same height. Their hands and feet are smaller, their shoulders are narrower, and their hips are wider. We know that all of these differences can affect the way a bike fits, handles, and feels. Polygon took these details into account when designing a frame with geometry specifically for women. From mountain bikes to city bikes, we have bikes to answer every woman’s need and will continue to support women so they can feel the freedom a bike brings.

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