BMX Race

BMX & Dirt Jump

Polygon BMX Race series are the race ready, podium winning machines, created solely for racing and winning BMX races. The Polygon BMX Race bikes are ready to take you to the top step of the podium or give you that rush of adrenaline you have been searching for.

Dirt Jump

BMX & Dirt Jump

Polygon Dirt Jump bikes are the combination between a BMX and a mountain bike. Designed with the help of UR Team rider Sam Reynolds; these bikes were created with dirt jumps and big tricks in mind. These bikes are built for the riders who ride their local dirt jumps, local pump tracks, and local skate parks. These bikes will take you to the next level and make your goals a reality. 


BMX & Dirt Jump

Polygon Freestyle was created for riders who spend hours working on tricks at the local skate parks or dirt jumps. For the love of craving skate bowls with your friends or afternoons and evenings spent trying to land your first tail whip, we’ve built the perfect BMX.

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