"We are Polygon". Since more than two decades, Polygon Bikes has been growing passionately with group of cyclists creating best bikes for everyone's ride. Our bikes are meticulously designed globally and produced using world-class manufacturing system and we work with engineers, industrial designers, creative thinkers and riders based in North America, Europe and Asia. We works hard to get fresh and authentic design with global relevance. We design, manufacture, and build the bikes ourselves to produce high quality at competitive price. We fully monitor and make sure that at all stages of manufacturing process are of high quality and all bikes are assembled to our standard.

"Our Flagship Products". Few of Polygon Bikes outstanding models are Collosus DH and Collosus N & T series. Collosus DH is an ultimate “Downhill Winning Machine”, tested and proven in multiple prestigious UCI World Cup Downhill circuit by several world champions such Polygon UR Team. With the all new Collosus DH9; Kurt Sorge, one of famous free-rider in the world, wins 2015 RedBull Rampage. We can't put a-side the existence of the first foray of Polygon global development program in the world of enduro racing, the Collosus N9. The bike is featured with the unique Polygon “floating” suspension system, aimed for making this long-travel machine pedal as efficient as possible; is built using the new manufacturing technique aimed for presenting bike that look and feel like no others. The Collosus N9 has an optimized anti-squad and minimized pedaling kickback system to help reduce fatigue in the rider's legs on the rougher trails.

"Our Commitments". Polygon Bikes has a mission and dedication to create bikes that spark the imaginations of cyclist around the world. Whatever styles of riding you are passionate about, or whatever goals you have as a rider, Polygon has a number of high quality of bikes with leading edge technology to take you there.

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